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Friday, September 3, 2010

¿May i have this dance? - ¿Me concedes este baile?

from my favourite ever tale "beauty and the beast"
background by Monica-mgtcs...thanks sweety :D

well...the dress texture of Bella´s is by is the beast skin and eyes...made too the eye reflection an the beast mouth dforms...i use various free clothes items combined..the cape is a free cape for Nana scaled to fit the beast...who is my Cookie male ^^
i made the neck collar for the beast with a primitive and morphs in DAZ
free Nana´s boy hair for the beast :D
hope you like it!
and thanks for all the beautiful freebies ^^

1 comment:

Robledo Ruiz said...

Pero mini ese chico tiene que ir al dentista jajajajaja, un beso